The sense of Ideology and The Definition

The sense of Ideology and The DefinitionThe sense of Ideology according to experts | Ideology is a set of ideas or notions. The word ideology itself was coined by Destutt de Tracy in the late 18th century to define "Science of ideas". Understanding the ideology can be considered as a broad vision, as a way of looking at things. Understanding abstract thinking is a system of Ideology (not just mere ideation) applied to public matters so as to make this concept into the essence of politics. 

In General, the sense of ideology is defined as a set of ideas, the basic ideas, confidence and trust that is systematically giving direction and goals to achieve in the national life of the nation and the State. Here the notion of ideology according to experts:

  • Ali Syariati, defines the ideology as the beliefs and ideas that abide by a group, a social class, a nation or a particular race.
  • Alfian, stated ideology is a view or a value system that is comprehensive and in depth ten tang how should, morally right and just to set up a joint behaviour in different facets of life.
  • C.C. Rodee confirms ideology is a set of ideas that are logically related and identifies the values that gave validity to the institutions and the perpetrators.
  • Destutt de Tracy and adherence to ideology as the "science of ideas" in which it spelled out the ideology as a number of programs that are expected to bring the institutional changes (institution) in a society.
  • Descartes, ideology is at the core of all human thought.
  • Francis Bacon, the fundamental idea is the ideology of the synthesis of a concept of life.
  • Harold h. Titus, defining ideology is as a term used for a group of ideals. regarding a wide range of political and economic issues as well as philosophy and social philosophy sosia who implemented a plan for systematic about the ideals which are run by groups or layers of society.
  • Machiavelli, the ideology of power protection systems is owned by the ruler.
  • M. Sastraprateja, ideology is the idea or thought of as a device-oriented action is organised into a system that regularly.
  • Murdiono, ideology is a complex value knowledge and overall became a foundation for someone (the public) to understand the universe and the Earth with all its contents and specify the basic attitude to manage it.
  • Karl Marx, ideology is a tool to achieve equality and shared prosperity within the community.
  • Kirdi Dipoyuda defines the ideology as a whole the basic ideas systematically and thoroughly about the man and his individual and social good, including the life of the country.
  • Soerjanto Poespowardojo, formulated the ideology as a complex knowledge and values, which collectively became the Foundation for a person (or people) to understand the visible ray a and Earth with all its contents and specify the basic attitude to offer it.
  • Thomas h., ideology is a way to protect government power in order to survive and govern its people.
  • W White, giving the notion that ideology is a matter of political ideals or doctrines (teachings) of a human or a group of people that can be distinguished.

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